A curated collection of completely new socially conscious games by new creators about new history on new media.
Explore the human experience, challenge subjective bias, conventions, and media influence.
Engage in a dialogue about current events and their relationship to past, present and future.


College Quest

Boy or Girl


March of Industry

Blue Lies Matter


OBJECT Gallery
2316 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
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8Bit Organizers

Joshua Galvin
Game Designer who designed/scripted content for the multiple award-winning Scribblenauts franchise with 5th Cell. Independently he has designed/developed multiple board games including Fool’s Gold and Salem.
Yusuke Tsutsumi
Software Developer at Zillow with a passion for making and playing Indie Games.
Charlie Schuck
Photographer/Director for designers, companies, publications and ad agencies including Nike, Levi’s, New York Times and Rolling Stone. Founder of the design space "Object" and creator of the Frye Art Museum store.
J. Maxwell Bennett
Seattle born tastemaker and Curator/Founding Member of Pun(c)tuation. A co-operatively owned mixed-use space exhibiting art and generally facilitating creative endeavors of all kinds.
Haleem Samad
Producer/Creative with a focus in urban minimalism. Provocative storyteller from the District of Columbia.